Nicola PILONE, President, CEO, and Founder, PTubesNicola PILONE, President, CEO, and Founder
The VRF and multi-split systems are rapidly gaining momentum across the HVACR industry. This indicates the replacement of the traditional air conditioning systems with duct and fossil fuel-based heating systems. As a result, the need for quality tubing for ductless mini-split, heat pump and VRF system applications is greater than ever before.

Enter PTubes—the U.S. subsidiary of Feinroren S.p.A. The company was established as a distribution hub for the parent company, which flaunts six decades of expertise in copper and capillary tube manufacturing. In 2018, PT started its assembly plant and warehouse facilities in Honesdale, PA, and began the production of insulated RYNO line sets.

“Line sets are one of the key drivers in increasing efficiency and reducing energy usage while saving money,” says Nicola Pilone, President, CEO, and Founder, PTubes. However, prior to 2011, line sets were assembled by inserting copper tubing into a foam tube without an outer jacket. This process created an air gap between the foam tube and copper, resulting in thermal inefficiencies. This was the market void that propelled PT’s R&D.

PT pioneered a new manufacturing process combining cutting edge insulation and welding the insulation onto the copper tube, and adding an extruded outer jacket. This protects the insulation and pipe while boosting the insulating value of the line set. The company’s proprietary product eliminates the gap between the insulation and the copper tube to increase efficiency. It also extends the length of line sets up to 165 feet—the maximum allowable distance between an outside compressor and the inside air handling unit for HVAC equipment. Consequently, a contractor no longer has to assemble multiple line sets with connectors. This eliminates the risk of refrigerant leaking through fittings and, in parallel, saves money, fittings, and equipment used to install fittings.

The outer jacket is also tear-resistant and creates less friction making it easier to install without damaging the line set.
Going the extra mile, PT ensures that all its materials and technology reduce the carbon footprint of an HVAC system. Just 8 ft of PT’s insulation saves the carbon equivalent of one tree.

What gives PT a competitive edge over other players in the market is its control over the manufacture of both tube and insulation. In addition, the company’s rich experience in the market equips it with the capability to build its own equipments. Both coupled allows PT to react quickly to the ever-evolving market requirements.

Apart from this, PT is always focused on ensuring a higher employee retention rate. It offers wages higher than the industry average. Employees are provided with 85 percent healthcare coverage and a retirement plan. That’s not all! The company designs onsite training programs to allow workers to build skills and ensure personal growth. This team of efficient and dedicated employees allows PT to offer comprehensive after-sales services ranging from product warranty all the way up to product installation instructions. No wonder, PT exhibited incredible resilience during the pandemic.
  • We change the world one line-set at a time

PT has recently developed an “Innovative Pipe Coating using Enhanced Materials” involving the redesign of manufacturing equipment and materials to further increase the insulating ability and energy savings. The company will add a new anti-corrosion jacket to the RYNO product line in January 2022 that will prevent the failure of copper line sets due to pollution. In addition, plastic extruders have been redesigned around innovative plastic compounds and components. A new, improved material developed by PT for the insulation and outer jacket is also scheduled for launch in January 2023.